Small Claims

Small Claims Court is also called The People’s Court.

Small Claims Court are Courts that handle claims with a specific limited amount usually up to $5000.00.

Even though Small Claims Court is referred to as The People’s Court judge’s will handle your case in the same matter they would in a higher Court.

The advantage of using the Small Claims Court for an average citizen who doesn’t know much about the legal process is that the Small Claims Court is designed for all people to have an opportunity to present their cases with or without an attorney.

The rules of civil procedure, and sometimes of evidence, are typically altered and simplified to make the procedures economical.

Most Small Claims Courts have created legal forms such as Statement of Claim, Summons in order to facilitate the proper filling of their cases.

Paralegal Team can help with your Small Claim case as follows:

  • Collect all the information necessary in order to start your case
  • Complete all small claims forms properly with accuracy
  • File the forms for you
  • Serve the opposing side by the use of an authorize process server
  • Act as your interpreters in cases when parties can’t speak or write English
  • Make all your files electronic with 24 hours access

We also assist with Tenant Eviction cases.